Manage your drug consumption rooms easily

navellé is a modern software solution developed from the ground up to easily manage drug consumption rooms and medically supervised injecting services.

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Achieve your harm reduction goals

We focus on the technology so you can focus on providing the best care and support. Together we can achieve Harm Reduction in a cost effective and informative way.

Client records

Quickly create client/user records with advanced intake and profile information.

Visit workflow

Easily manage simultaneous visits and overdoses from start to finish.

Minimum Data Set

We are working with the biggest organisations to define a standard Minimum Data Set (MDS) for industry analysis and government reporting.

Dedicated Overdose and emergency treatment module

Capture incident information for adverse events with ongoing observations and medications. Include electronic sign-off for medication administers and prescribers.

How can our workflow help you?

navellé has a purpose built workflow to optimise visits and keep your staff happy and productive

1. Client/User Entry

Quickly find or register clients/users and start their new visit in a dedicated waiting area.

2. Supervised Injecting

Progress visits to a supervised injecting area with with dedicated booth allocation and incident management.

3. Aftercare

Progress visits to an aftercare area for health monitoring and referral opportunities.

Analytics and Reporting made easy

Real time reporting available to easily meet your reporting needs. Extract Standard and custom reports directly to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and government reporting.

Standard Reports

Take advantage of predefined reports for the most common scenarios

Custom Reports

Select, filter, and extract any desired information for adhoc purposes

Designed for everyone no matter how big or small

navellé can be used by any size organisation from a few staff to hundreds of staff. Talk to us about pricing and how it can help you!

Accessible 24/7 around the world

Simple Setup

We take care of everything and can have you up and running in no time

Secure Service

Our software has top notch security for peace of mind

Great Support

We pride ourselves on provding fast and friendly support

Hassle Free

Simple subscription service with no installation or setup required

Why our customers trust us

Marianne Jauncey

Dr Marianne Jauncey

Medical Director, Uniting MSIC

As the first such service in the English Speaking World, we are quite proudly a unique operation, and experience with an so an ‘off the shelf’ client relationship management system database was unlikely to did not suit our needs. We are very lucky to have navellé, which was purpose built by Orange Tree Solutions to suit our needs and the needs of similar services. The system allows us not only to safely manage the clients we have in the building, and know who is where at all times, record services and referrals, alerts and risks, overdose and adverse events, but also allows us to answer data questions about visit numbers, breakdown of overdoses, number and type of referrals etc. It is user friendly, making it easy to train any new staff – and best of all Owen and James from Orange Tree Solutions are always responsive to our needs if anything needs review or changing. We would highly recommend it.

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navellé is a modern solution for Drug Consumption Rooms and Medically Supervised Injection services. It's a cloud hosted Software so we can have you up and running in no time from anywhere in the world. We would love to have a chat and give you a free demo to see how navellé can help you. Please get in contact and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to connect with you!

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